Cornerstone – The Tactical Control System

Cornerstone is a multi-purpose, multi-functional intranet based operating system that was built with the sole intention of improving the flow of tangable data between business departments.


The platform has the ability to connect departmental data from Suppliers to goods in to production to goods out. However, if you require a specific interaction or display view, this platform was built to allow extensions to be added to the source in order to furthur expand the ability of Cornerstone, as well as be fit-for-purpose for the business operational needs.

Client: LowInk Creative

Category: Business Data Solution

Date: April 2017

Quality Control

  • Assign Version Control to Recipes (Formulations)
  • Generate Recipes with ingredients list, Method of Manufacure, Inspection Specification and Approval Status
  • Apply inspection specifications to the recipes as well as analysis results
  • Generate Approval labels on batch release
  • Create Non-Conformance Reports
    • Materials
    • Finished Goods
    • Concessions
    • Product Recall
    • CAPA
    • Complaints Managment
  • Procedure Control and access

Material Control

  • Create lists of materials based on catagories
    • Chemcials
    • Fragrances
    • Dyes
    • Componentry
  • Control the inventory of the materials based on consumption from batches and production runs
    • Deliveries
    • Allocation
    • Consumption
  • Log and access safety documentation against the material
  • Reverse track where the material is used in the supply chain


  • Products
    • Product Bill of Materials
    • Finished Product Specification
  • Create Production runs that create allocations of materials
    • Production Run Statistics
    • Tracability Data
    • Weights & Measures Data
    • Quality Control Checks
    • Waste Managment
    • Effeciency Data

Training Managment

  • Create Employees
  • Create Training programes for each empolyee
  • Mark off an employee against an active procedure
  • Display a compentency matrix for employees