[number number=”01″ level=”h2″ heading_size=”16px” heading=”Choose Your Meal” align=”left”][dropcap letter=”A” type=”2″]ll Meals that are ordered by 12pm Noon Sunday through to Thursday will be ready fo next morning pickup or delivery. All meals are being delivered/picked up are prepped and packaged for delivery last thing that day, to maintain freshness. If you place an order on Friday your order will be help, prepped and cooked fresh on Sunday to be ready for Monday.

All deliveries are dispatched Monday to Thursday. In special cases we might even do Friday (based on a case-by-case basis).[/number][line]

[number number=”02″ level=”h2″ heading_size=”16px” heading=”Your Meals, Your Schedule” align=”left”][dropcap letter=”Y” type=”1″]ou are on a schedule – Flexibility exists, you decide what works for you!

Meals are scheduled for your selected method of transport (pick up or delivery). Most people enjoy the option of ordering on their terms and love the convenience that we provide.
All meals have an expiration date on them from the time of their creation that is 5 days out. Meaning you have 5 days to consume these bad boys.
In actuality, if you are keeping your meals in a fridge this can prolong their expiration date for a few days. We have many folks that order their food to cover a full week (7 days) and others that just prefer to split their week and have fresh meals twice a week. The choice is yours. You’re the boss![/number][line]

[number number=”03″ level=”h2″ heading_size=”16px” heading=”Reheat and Enjoy” align=”left”][dropcap letter=”W” type=”2″]hen you order with us, you will recieve a few emails to let you know how things are progressing. First is a simple thank you for ordering, along with your order details and confirmation number. Then, once all your meals are prepped and cooked, you will recieve an update on your order status saying: ‘Prepped & Cooked’. This means the meals are all but yours, just waiting for the delivery time slot. Finally once you have your order we might want to know how wellwe have done in your book. A simple email asking for your opionions on our service with you. This will be after about a week or so to give you time to tuck in. Also as an insentive to fill in this last email, we will order special rewards for ocmpleation, such as two free meals, buy on get one free etc…

When you have your meals all you need to do is Reheat, Eat and Enjoy! All of our food is of the highest order and as lean as possible. Nothing is frozen, all ingredients are fresh to cook.[/number]

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