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Hello! We are LowInk Creative -

Web design & Business Data solutions agency based in Norfolk, UK

LowInk Creative is the brain child of Robert Low. Developed in 2005, we have been producing graphic designs, web sites, Excel spreadsheets and countless other Front-end and Back-end solutions for businesses.

With our knowledge and your concept, creatively we can work together to produce an end product that will work for you.

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The quality of our work reflects the quality of your business. This is why Quality Assurance is the top priority of our entire development pipeline. Ensuring your business for years to come.



Honesty and Integrity! Through good, honest and dependable workmanship, we are able to produce a solution for your business at the price quoted, at the time defined and at the quality expected.



It’s important that your project stands out in the crowd. We pride ourselves on being trailblazers on innovative designs that lead the way for your business to work to its maximum potential.



Not necessarily something you would associate with design and development, but we ensure every project is developed with strict GDPR guidelines as well as hack prevention.


A showcase of our works

These are just a select few of our extensive portfolio projects. If you want to start your project, contact us now!

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Technology requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money.

Here at LowInk Creative, we employ a large number of different skill sets and talents that allow us to fulfill your next project with the highest of standards and results. Here is a Baseline of what we offer to allow you to get your creative juices flowing.

Websites development

Want a new website? Or need a new lease of life injected into your existing one? We have the tools and know-how to build your online presence that will amazing your visitors.

ERP & MRP Solutions

We are able to build complex dashboard interfaces, for you, that house and display your businesses data in a neat and professional way.

Excel Workbooks

Does your business utilize Microsoft Excel? Do you need a workbook that is driven by powerful scripting to interlink the data and build reliable tables of information? Our team has years of experience building workbooks and worksheet for high end companies that are preferred over database systems.


Need a website that can dynamically sell your amazing products/services? As well as track inventory, process orders and handle payments? Our WooCommerce lead eCommerce solution is perfect for any online selling business.

Complex E-Commerce Solution


Get in touch now to discuss your new eCommerce website and start generating new leads.

Professionally Coded Add-Ons


Have an idea for an existing website/ solution you have? Want it customised to suit your business needs? Then get in touch and see what we can do.


Fair prices. Excellent service.

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We strive to ensure our pricing structure is fair and competitive. Should you have any questions regarding pricing, then please feel free to contact us via the contact form below.


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Thetford, Norfolk,

United Kingdom





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